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What To Know About Twin Cities Area TISH Evaluations

What To Know About Twin Cities Area TISH Evaluations

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Written by Britney Ahlmann, Director of Operations

TISH evaluation

Many cities in the Twin Cities area require that a Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH) Evaluation is completed prior to listing a property for sale. These evaluations are also referred to as Time of Sale (TOS) and Point of Sale (POS), depending on the city. Each city has slightly different requirements and procedures, but the overall goal is to give potential buyers important information about a property’s condition, and to maintain safe and sanitary properties throughout the city. Some cities require that any necessary repairs are completed prior to listing, some use the report as “disclosure only” when listing a property, and others allow buyers to take on the responsibility of repairs.

Marigold Home Inspections currently offers TISH evaluations in the following 3 cities: St. Paul, South St. Paul, and Maplewood. Here’s what you need to know about several specific suburbs and their TISH requirements in the cities we serve, and some of the cities we currently do not but hope to in the future:


Minneapolis follows a 5-step TISH process that is required of every seller. Once a licensed evaluator is hired, they’ll observe the property and file a disclosure report with the City. Copies of this should be displayed at showings for potential buyers. The City will issue an online Certificate of Approval (COA) if no repairs are required. The same applies if the seller repairs any of the damages that had been noted in the disclosure report prior to selling. If agreed upon, responsibility for any required repairs can be transferred to the buyer after closing.

St. Louis Park and New Hope

St. Louis Park and New Hope allow sellers to complete applications through their websites and the City will set up an inspection with a City inspector. 

Bloomington and Richfield

Bloomington and Richfield follow very similar regulations, though Bloomington refers to them as TOS, and Richfield refers to them as POS. Inspections are required for all single and two-family properties, including condominiums, townhouses, and mobile homes. The City of Bloomington requires homeowners to schedule an inspection through their Building & Inspections Division. In Richfield, an application must be completed and submitted online and they will be in contact to schedule the inspection. If any code violations are identified, they can be repaired and the city will return to reevaluate, and then a Certificate of Housing Maintenance Compliance will be issued.

St. Paul

Unlike Minneapolis’s general TISH inspection proceedings, St. Paul includes a few specific exceptions. For example, a TISH report is meant for “disclosure only.” In other words, although TISH inspections are required, necessary repairs are relaxed. Only operational hard-wired smoke detectors and alarms are mandatory for single-family dwellings. TISH evaluators must be licensed by the City of St. Paul, and they offer a list of currently licensed evaluators on their website, including Marigold. The TISH disclosure report is valid for one consecutive year.

South St. Paul

Similar to St. Paul, South St. Paul also requires sellers to seek out evaluators that are licensed by the City of South St. Paul to complete a TOS evaluation. The evaluator will file the report to the city within ten days of the inspection, and leave a copy of the report with the seller. It is a requirement that home sellers have a copy of the report at the property. If any items are marked as “Hazardous”, the seller must also have the dwelling re-evaluated by a licensed inspector and the City will issue a letter indicating the “Hazardous” items have been repaired.


Maplewood’s TISH requirements mirror that of St. Paul as well, in that the reports are for “disclosure only”. The City of Maplewood requires sellers to hire an independent, City-approved evaluator. They require all previously licensed home evaluators to annually renew their credentials every consecutive year through Minneapolis or St. Paul. Maplewood sellers need to remember this if they plan to hire an inspector they’ve previously worked with, to verify that the inspector is currently licensed with the City. The list of licensed evaluators, including Marigold, is listed on their website. Every Maplewood TISH is valid for one year, and the evaluator must file a report with the city while providing the seller with a copy for their home which they must have available at the property.

This is not an exhaustive list of cities within the Twin Cities area that require them, but we hope it gives you a better understanding of TISH inspections! If you are looking for a reliable, friendly, and professional home inspector to evaluate your property by completing a TISH, TOS, or POS evaluation, Marigold Home Inspections provides convenient and high-quality services for anyone looking to sell their home St. Paul, South St. Paul, Robbinsdale, or Maplewood. It is easy to schedule online and a friendly inspector will be ready to answer any questions you may have!